Dimmers. Help set a scene, as well as conserve energy. Ariadni dimmers with slide on the side of the switch can replace a regular toggle style switch.

Exterior lighting timers. Exterior lights can be adapted to come on at dusk and off when you head to bed. Create a nighttime look for your home and provide security lighting.

Replace dirty, cracked plugs and switches, and plates. Give a room a clean, tailored look.

Swap out fixtures. Removing and replacing dated and worn fixtures can give a room a whole new look.


Reduce your electric bill with these energy saving measures:

  • Hot water heater timer

  • Swimming pool filter or heater timer

  • Bath fan timers in place of a switch

  • Exterior light fixture timers

  • Replacement of lamps (bulbs) with energy miser lamps

  • Programmable thermostats

  • Ballast replacement in florescent fixtures to energy saving electronic ballasts/lamps


Backup Generators. Don't suffer during the next storm. Have a backup generator installed to help keep your family warm, your food fresh, and your wells running.

Whole panel surge protection. What surge protectors can do for sensitive electronics can encompass up to the whole house if surge protection is provided at the panel. Protect your home and family at the source.

Replace and test interconnected smoke detectors. Ten years is the design and warranty threshold of today's detectors. Change batteries, test each unit, and vacuum out dust and spider webs every six months when you change your clocks. Do not forget the basement unit.

Smoke/CO2 Detectors. Current code requires every bedroom cluster to be protected by an interconnected smoke/CO2 combination unit. Swap out your bedroom hallway smoke to a combination unit.

Heat Detectors. Fires often start in the garage and are not caught until they reach living areas. A heat detector installed in your garage can provide early detection.

GFCI Protection. Bathrooms, kitchens, garages, outside outlets, and any area that could possibly experience moisture need ground fault circuit interrupter protection. Water and electricity do not mix. If your home is not GFCI protected, it may be as simple as replacing an existing duplex outlet(s) with a GFCI outlet.

Bedroom Circuit Arc Fault Protection. Recent code changes provide for bedroom arc fault protection. Keep your children safe by swapping out traditional bedroom serving breakers for arc fault breakers.

Outlet and Switch Replacement. Replace loose and fatigued devices with new clean devices.