Service Maintenance & Warranty Program

Power line Electric, llc


Our available service contract is designed to

protect and maintain your service. It includes

preventive maintenance, prompt service, and

replacement of worn parts.

  • Service Agreement
  1. Checking, cleaning, and tightening of all breaker connections.
  2. Infrared inspection to check breakers for hot spots.
  3. Resealing of the service entrance cable to prevent water from entering your panel and home.
  4. Replacement of missing panel knock out seals and securing of the service entrance cable by replacing any missing straps.
  5. Inspection for fraying of the service entrance cable, for proper sized breakers in panel, for proper grounding of your service and water ground, and double stabbed breakers.
  6. No charge for labor on covered items.
  • Covered Items:

   a.  Any Part of the Panel

           - the power panel
           - breakers
           - romex connectors

   b.  Service Exterior & Entrance

           - service entrance cable
           - meter socket
           - hub
           - weatherhead
           - weatherproof connector
           - seu connectors
           - seu/ser straps
           - masthead
           - porcelain pin socket & or wedge grip

   c.  Grounding

           - ground rods
           - acorns
           - ground clamps
           - grounding wire

Not covered:

  • Wires entering the panel and run throughout the residence
  • Power lines before they hit the house
  • Underground conduit & conductors

We will inspect the equipment covered before accepting this agreement.